Hosted SIM Server

The unique «pay-as-you-use» SIM Server for Call and SMS Termination

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Why Choose Us

The best of vGate in the cloud.

You will now handle physically your GSM gateways and SIM units.

  • 100% Web based for easy use
  • Register unlimited iGate and SIM Unit
  • Includes 24/7 support
  • Ready in a minute for your Call & SMS business

Why Choose Us

100% freedomLess hassle – more time to focus on your business!

The Hosted SIM Server solution offered by SIMBERRY is a complete SIM Server solution which answers to Voice and SMS Termination companies who do not want to directly handle the update & maintenance of their system. It brings you the best of ultimate vGate version in the cloud.And you only pay if you use it, when you use it!

The SIM Server, no longer delivered as software for you to install, will have identical features as the usual vGate SIM Server : SIM control, SIM protection, SIM allocation, Call routing, etc.

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Hosted SIM Server
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  • Softswitch supporting SIP