General info

  • Supports up to 18.000
  • SIMs  all SIMs stored and managed in one central location anywhere on the globe
  • Allocate any SIM to any channel at any time  
  • Automatic recharge & balance check
  • Automatic Call/SMS Generation  
  • Advanced human behavour simulation
  • IMEI – IMSI pairing
  • Fully flexible allocation of SIMs according to tarifs, usage, time etc.
  • Supports 2G-3G-4G iGATEs at the same time
  • Intuitive drag & drop Windows management interface  
  • Network management software available as add-on  
    …and much more

Versatile management

The SIM Server indicates the status of every SIM card. Activate, deactivate, and assign each SIM to any channel at any gateway at any time. Supervise credit limits for prepaid SIMs and assign SIMs with advantageous tariff schemes. Use scripts to automate daily operation and easily perform recurring tasks such as balance checks, prepaid recharge and SIM property changes.

Real-time alarm signaling helps you to react immediately and to maximize your traffic throughput.

Automatic detection and substitution of blocked SIMs. Let your SIM Server top up your prepaid SIMs automatically. Enjoy efficient traffic management and full cost control.

Your SIM Server provides comprehensive statistics information about the system capacity and the channel utilization (ASR), enabling you to efficiently manage your traffic and have full control of costs.

Save time and money

Full-featured SIM Server for centralized and automated SIM card storage and management. No more time consuming travel to replace SIM cards in your remote destination. No more theft of SIMs and top up vouchers.

SMS Bulk Interface (SMPP)

This interface will be capable of sending large amounts of messages according to the Short Messages Services specification. The customer will be able to send dedicated SMS to end users to a defined queue a SIM cards.