Cloud SMS Platform to bring SMS business to your network

The unique SMS application on demand to manage your SMS traffic over termination and carriers.

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The unique A to Z SMS termination, Bulk SMS and wholesale solution to maximize your revenues

Cloud SMS Platform is a hosted SMS solution designed to combined the SMS Termination on GSM gateway, Bulk SMS, SMScampaigns and SMSWholesale business.

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What is the Cloud SMS Platform solution?

100% web based, the Cloud SMS Router provides all the advanced features you require to manage your SMS traffic, SMS customers and SMS vendors:

  • Unlimited SMPP connections
  • SMS rates & volume
  • SMS pro campaigns
  • SMS route test & simulation
  • SMS real time monitoring& history traffic
  • SMS cost & revenues analysis
  • Content filtering & processing
Why Choose Us

How does Cloud SMS Platform solution works?

With no upfront investment, a pay as you use per SMS and a ready to go hosted solution from the cloud, the Cloud SMS Platform enables you to start immediately your business.You can send SMS over mobile network with the following routes:

  • SIMBERRY Hosted SIM Server
  • Multi-brand SIM Server distributing SMS over GSM gateways
  • Standalone GSM gateway compliant with SMPP
  • SMPP Interconnection to SMSC or Third-party vendors
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Cloud SMS Platform overview
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  • SIM Server solution compliant with SMPP v3.3 or v3.4
  • GSM gateway compliant with SMS sending features