SIMBERRY Solutions pricelist updated September the 1st, 2017
All prices are provided as list price.

Premium VPN
The Premium VPN price is based on a per day usage from every single equipement connected to ours VPN cloud.

Price is $1 per day per unit

Premium Call Filter
The Premium Call Filter price is based on call minute usage for each SAFE call.
UNSAFE call remains free of charge should you connect or not.

SAFE CALL is a post filtered call defined as not a dialer robot or hunting call from or system.

Default price is $5 for 1000mn SAFE call

SIMBERRY Hosted SIM Server
Our HOSTED SIM Server is based on a per day connection fee for every gateway.


  • Gateway in maintenance status for the whole day remains free of charge
  • SIM Unit connection remains free of charge.
  • Specific price applies to temporary offer. Please contact your sale representative

Deafult price is $5 per day per owned gateway connected

The Cloud SMS Router price is based per SMS processed.
Every SMS processed from the solution is being charged.

Price is $5 per bath of 10 000 SMS processed

The SIM Recharge topup solution price is based on COUNTRY / PROVIDER destination.

Note: The price is fixed from market.

Price is listed in SIM Recharge solution for each destination