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Choose out of the Premium VPN to remain hidden over internet and to save bandwidth

Premium VPN

Premium VPN

Why can VPN and RTP multiplexing over DSL, fiber, VSAT and 3G/4G be crucial for Call Termination business?

  • Operating your systems on public IP over the internet is an open door for hackers
  • In many countries, Voice over IP protocol can be blocked
  • Configuration of multiple devices over one public IP can easily become a nightmare for PAT and NAT management
  • ISPs are more and more involved into surveying data traffic and reporting suspicious usage
  • xDSL connection can often be unstable in some countries while 3G/4G remains reliable
  • VSAT bandwidth can be very expensive without RTP multiplexing

Premium VPN provides a very easy central management of all your remote sites with a proprietary encapsulation, header compression and encryption method. With SIMBERRY’s service, you will no longer need to buy or have recurrent expenses for VPN server, public IPs, datacenter, licenses or maintenance. You will just install a router, already preset, connect your GSM device to it and you are ready to manage your remote site as part of your private network.

Premium VPN includes a set of MUST HAVE features such as:

  • 100% web portal management, including real-time monitoring of bandwidth usage with and without RTP multiplexing
  • Management of IP pool to route your data across the globe up to our main VPN servers
    (fully customizable)
  • Support of various router models from well-known brands
  • Support of wide range of USB 3G/4G modems to be used for: main route (in case of no xDSL), duplication, redundancy or simply as a backup route

Premium VPN includes all necessary components without any additional items but the router. It includes VPN server in our datacenters, range of public IP (virtually unlimited) and bandwidth auto adaption based on your traffic.

All your remote sites are connecting to the pool of IP location you have selected and they are managed by the SIMBERRY’s VPN application running on global distributed server farms with an intuitive web interface.

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Key benefits

100% compliant with any solution, any type of data, any ISP

  • Proprietary VPN process and management, no intrusion possible
  • Centralized web portal management, with accurate details for all your remote sites
  • Floating IP link process to secure your calls over the Internet
  • RTP Multiplexing support
  • Redundant or backup link over 3G and 4G enabled
  • You only pay what you use, and spend your money only when it is required
  • All included, no hidden cost

Premium VPN overview 

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Premium VPN requires a router on each remote site as part of the private network (list of compliant routers provided upon request). It requires as well Internet access and/or 3G/4G data access.

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