Hosted SIM Server

The unique « pay-as-you-use » SIM Server
for Call and SMS Termination


Hosted SIM Server

The best of vGate in the cloud.

The Hosted SIM Server solution offered by SIMBERRY is a complete SIM Server solution which answers to Voice and SMS Termination companies who do not want to directly handle the update & maintenance of their system. It brings you the best of ultimate vGate version in the cloud.
And you only pay if you use it, when you use it !

The SIM Server, no longer delivered as software for you to install, will have identical features as the usual vGate SIM Server : SIM control, SIM protection, SIM allocation, Call routing, etc…

You will now handle physically your GSM gateways and SIM units.

  • 100% Web based for easy use
  • Register unlimited iGate and SIM Unit
  • Includes 24/7 support
  • Ready in a minute for your Call & SMS business

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100% freedom

Less hassle – more time to focus on your business !

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