SIM Unit 1200

The must have SIM card storage product enabling vSIM for your mobile network devices

  • Hosted SIM Server SIM card storage
  • Administration color Touch Screen
  • Compact form factor 2Ux19″
  • Up to 1200 mini SIM cards or 2400 micro SIM cards
  • Compliant SU TELES protocol v.17 for SIM server
  • Open API SCAPI 2.0
  • Embedded SIM card monitoring
  • PIN & PUK control management
  • White label enabled for your own theme and logo
  • …and much more

The highest SIM card storage density from the market

SIMBERRY designs SIM Unit as the unique high density SIM card storage, with up to 2400 micro SIM card in a compact 2Ux19” size case.

Our SIM Unit can be integrated for voice and long code SMS business as well as for any 2G/3G/LTE connected mobile network device requiring a SIM card.

Easy to manage with a large color touch screen, you will love experiencing the future from SIM storage for vSIM technology.

Our SIM unit comes with an Open API for an easy integration within all type of business.

vSIM Cloud management what for ?

Billions of SIM card are today in use for authentication & security process:

  • Authentification for mobile network connection
       User Mobile Phone
       Mifi devices for business travellers
       3G/4G Router for data connection
       M2M devices for information
  • Authentification for security access
       e-wallet for money transaction
       Server & Application access
       e-locker for sensitive record information

Thanks to our open API SCAPI, we supports full methods and standard APDU commands to provide realtime SIM card access required for your business. You are ready to deploy and manage thousands of SIM cards.

SIM Unit applications

SIMBERRY – Your SIMs will love it!