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SIMBERRY was founded in 2014 by a team of telecom industry experts, after purchasing both the GSM gateway and SIM Server technology (iGATE & vGATE) from TELES and the distribution and SLAs activities for the iGate & vGate products and solutions from FL-Connect.

Today, SIMBERRY not only continues to develop and provide Mobile Termination equipment, but has decided to focus on a new and unique type of service. Feedback and the needs of our customers have helped make SIMBERRY’s  Solutions (ShieldBerry, TopupBerry and HostBerry) the new, unique and safe way to run your GSM termination business. These services are available on most hardware solutions on the market.

We are committed to offer the best solution and the best service for your business at any time.

We love what we do and are focused on providing a new service culture with a positive experience for our customers. We believe in relationships, professionalism, honesty and trust. We work with enthusiasm and commitment because our greatest ambition is to become your best partner.

So, why choose us? Put simply: because we truly care about your business.

Welcome to the SIMBERRY world!

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